Asbjørn Mejlvang.

Digital / Physcial Hybrid Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Work Experience

17 - Now | Digital Designer


Changing the way we design & manufacture furniture.

16 - 18 | Co-Founder

UrbanBear Design Studio

🏆 ILVA & IDdesign Design Award 2017 | Customer Award

Together with Esben Lyhne, I ran the design studio. We had a mix of Danish and international clients. Besides industrial design, we also taught courses in design processes at the Scandinavian Design College. We also won an award for a furniture piece.

15 - 18 | Freelancer

Asbjørn Mejlvang Design

🏆 2015 | The Carus Dock Challenge | 4th Place

Freelancing during my school time. I designed a watch collection called Nova Stella for the danish startup Tycho Brahe.

17 | Junior Industrial Designer

Eskild Hansen Design Studios

I was involved in the industrial design of multiple tech startups in the US. I also worked closely with the danish dental company 3Shape and was part of the team to develop the new trios model.

16 | Design Intern

Rand Boats

As a design intern in the small boat startup Rand Boats I was lucky enough to work on the early phases of a wide range of boats. From the small picnic 18 to the Yachseries. My work was mainly focused on the interiors of the boats in hand-drawn sketches and 3D visualizations.


18 - 21 | MA in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies

IT University of Copenhagen

Specialization - designing interactions

13 - 16 | BA in Industrial Design

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

🏆 Ava project was selected for KADK Bachelor Exhibition 2016
🏆 From A to Z (Bachelor Exhibition on Krabbesholm 2016)

Focus areas: parametric design, how interaction and physical form interplay

12 | Product Design and Architecture course

The Scandinvian Design College

🏆 Superpool DSD 2050 Initiate Award | Audience Award


Some of the projects I have been a part of.



Tech to enhance creativity

How can AI/ML/VR/AR and other upcoming technologies transform how we work in the creative fields? How can we increase the time spent in the creativity zone and reduce repetitive tasks?


Respectable tech solutions

Transparent data and privacy policies. Business models not centred around profiling users. How to use generalized open anonymous data. Develop solutions focusing on peoples goal rather than being built to conquer their attention. Create digital bikes for the brain.


Alternative interaction

I love my tech products. They help me bring my ideas to life and enables me to share my creations with the work. I, however, hate sitting at a desk and have to impress myself through mouse and keyboard. How can we rethink how we can enable technology to be our co-creating partners to give a more enjoyable/fun interaction with the digital creation process?